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St Antony's College, University of Oxford

22 - 23 June 2018

Homeland-Diaspora relations in flux

The Greek Diaspora Project at SEESOX is organizing a conference "Homeland-Diaspora Relations in Flux: Greece and Greeks abroad at times of Crisis" on June 22-23, 2018 at St Antony's College, University of Oxford.

Past workshops

3 March 2017

Diaspora and development: The case of Greece

The workshop gathered a number of highly distinguished scholars, mostly non-Greek from the field of diaspora studies, and from an interdisciplinary perspective, including history, politics, international relations, law, economics, anthropology and sociology, to discuss conceptual, methodological and comparative perspectives, within which the study of the Greek diaspora and its relationship with the Greek crisis can be contextualised.

Past seminars

Contested diasporic identities in times of crisis: The Other Bulgaria in the UK

This presentation focuses on the case of Bulgarian migrants in the UK to explore contested diasporic identities in times of crises. In doing so, it draws on longitudinal fieldwork carried out between summer 2011 and 2017 that consists of 62 interviews and participant observation.

Fragmented communities: Diaspora politics in the UK’s Turkish-speaking community

In the context of an increasingly transnational world highlighted by proliferating population movements, diasporas have been reconsidered and reconceptualised as agents of change.

Diaspora entrepreneurs and contested states

This presentation introduces findings from the European Research Council Starting Grant “Diasporas and Contested Sovereignty” directed by Dr. Maria Koinova at Warwick University (2012-2017).

Joint Events

London, UK

28 October 2017

Reload Greece Annual Conference, 2017

SEESOX in cooperation with Reload Greece, LSE and London Business School co-organised the conference ‘The Unstoppable Generation: Hacking Entrepreneurship into a Culture’ on 28 October 2017 in London. The conference explored and debated how a mindset of entrepreneurism can be hacked into a culture to create long term and sustainable change. The panels included distinguished international speakers from The World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Investment Fund and Bloomberg Associates and inspiring entrepreneurs such as Philipp Brinkmann from Tripsta and Aimilios Chalamandaris who recently sold his company Innoetics to Samsung.

​In association with Reload Greece

Berlin, Germany

14 - 15 October 2017

New Greek emigration

Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, the conference explored a multiplicity of aspects surrounding the new Greek emigration and catalyzed the discussion and interaction between the academic community, related associations and governmental institutions, and the migrants themselves.

In association with the Center for Modern Greece at the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin), the Association of the Greek Scientist of Berlin and Brandenburg.

London, UK

24 September 2016

Reload Greece Annual Conference, 2016

On September 24, 2016 SEESOX co-sponsored with Reload Greece and the London Business School a conference, entitled ‘Enterprising Diasporas: From Brain Drain to Brain Gain’. The Conference was both highly productive in its substance and, relatedly, an example for SEESOX’s Greek Diaspora Project mode of action

A report on the conference here.

The program can be found here.

In association with Reload Greece

Exploring intra-EU mobilities at times of Crisis

On Tuesday 20 June 2017, as part of its activities for the Greek Diaspora Project, SEESOX hosted the workshop ‘Exploring intra-EU mobilities at times of Crisis’. The workshop, an outcome of the EU-funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie project EUMIGRE, helped contextualise the recent surge of emigration from Greece within the broader map of European migrations at times of crisis.

Latest SESSOX Diaspora news

16 January 2019

SEESOX Seminar Series on Comparative diasporas: Reflections on South East Europe

In the context of our flagship Diaspora Project, the SEESOX Hilary term Seminar Series this year will address the field of comparative diaspora studies. The seminar series will focus on relations between homelands and diasporas in South East…

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22 October 2018

In partnership with SEESOX, Reload Greece organized the fifth annual RG conference in London

RG Connect18, the fifth annual Reload Greece conference, took place in London on Saturday. RG Connect18: ‘Where Challenges meet Solvers’ showcased those who are embracing challenges and the ways in which they are approaching them. The event…

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10 October 2018

Event on «Diaspora and political participation in Greek political affairs» at Onassis Cultural Centre

Diaspora and political participation in Greek political affairs Monday 29 October 2018, 18:00-20:30 Stegi Grammaton kai Technon Onassis Cultural Centre Athens   18:00-19.15 Diaspora and political participation Chair: Othon Anastasakis…

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18 September 2018

Conference review: "Homeland-Diaspora relations in flux: Greece and Greeks abroad at times of crisis"

On June 22-23, 2018, the Greek Diaspora Project at SEESOX organized the conference Homeland-Diaspora relations in flux: Greece and Greeks abroad at times of crisis, at St Antony's College. The conference explored the impact of Greek diaspora…

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